Pro-Alpin ropeway systems.
We offer used equipment on highest quality standards.

We are selling second hand ropeway systems. From surface lifts to complete gondola systems.

Due to the careful and professional dismantling we are able to provide our customers
with the best quality. Again, this is only possible through our well-trained staff and our special tools.

We place great emphasis on:

  • labeling of the indivudual parts
  • professional packing and corect storage of various parts
  • Control and revision of parts
  • replacement or reconstruction of skilift parts

Second hand surface lifts.

We are your partner from planning up to the start up.

  • Surface lifts with plattern (different lengths)
  • Surface lifts with T-bar (different lengths)
  • Baby lifts
  • Spare parts for all kind of surface lifts

Second hand chairlifts.

  • doublechairlift to 6seater chairlifts
  • fix gripped or detachable
  • Doppelmayr, Girak, Garaventa, and so on...